Irrigation Systems in Charleston, SC

Keep Your Yard Watered

We’ll take care of your irrigation installation in Charleston, SC

When you get irrigation installation services from Castles Landscapes, LLC, you can count on us to put in a reliable irrigation system that will keep your lawn lush and refreshed. Proper watering doesn’t overhydrate your grass or use up too much water. We’ll make sure that your irrigation system is as efficient as possible.

Our systems even have rain sensors that stop them in the event of rain. If nature has already done the sprinklers’ job for them, then the system turns itself off. Many irrigation systems disrupt the natural system of tree roots in the soil. We work hard to make sure your installation functions flawlessly around the network of roots in your yard.

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We can set up a drip system installation

For many gardeners, a drip system installation is the way to go. We use quality PVC to place a drip irrigation system in your yard. This method works well because:

  • Water is dispensed directly to plant bases
  • You can water many different zones at once
  • They work well when programmed with timers
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